Exhaust Atomizer

The Forté Exhaust Atomizer is a tool that induces an atomized chemical spray into the DPF to remove soot and particulate matter from the filter. This tool reduces service time as it does not require the removal of the DPF. This helps extend the life of the DPF, improves the performance of the filter and reduces untimely regenerations thereby increasing uptime.


  • No need to remove the DPF.

  • Allows you to easily service the DPF through a temp. sensor located in the DPF.

  • The equipment is easy to use and is transportable. It fits into a toolbox when the service is complete.



  1. Service can be completed within 1 hour and requires a regen after the Diesel Induction Cleaner has been induced into the DPF.

  2. Within 30 minutes the equipment and the product will remove the particulate matter from the DPF.

  3. There is an adapter that allows the equipment to be modified so it can also be used to clean the EGR.