Pre-Lube Service

Pre-Lube Service safely removes sludge and varnish deposits from the crankcase to reduce wear in engines. Add entire contents to crankcase prior to performing an oil change. The motor flush will suspend all deposits that are then removed when the used oil is drained.

Available in 20 litre pail, 1 litre bottle, and 325 mL container.


  • Provides improved engine performance by removing all varnishes and sludge that have been created within the crankcase by the regular operation of the vehicle.

  • Safely removes crankcase sludge and varnish to free sticky piston rings.

  • Helps reduce oil consumption.

  • Reduces hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions.

  • Cleans the entire crankcase and allows the new oil and filter to function without any restrictions.

  • After completing the motor flush, the new oil will be able to provide increased horsepower, enhanced emission control and improved fuel economy.


  1. Add contents to crankcase.

  2. Run engine for 15 minutes

  3. Perform oil change.