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ADI Premium ULS Diesel Booster ® improves fuel economy, increases overall

engine performance and minimizes engine wear in all climates.


  • Improves lubricity for more power, less wear and better fuel economy.

  • Extends DPF life and reduces untimely DPF regeneration cycles.

  • Extends shelf life of stored diesel fuel by neutralizing microbial growth with fuel stabilizers and anti-oxidants.

  • Provides superior anti-gelling properties to -55°C to reduce wax formation and filter plugging in winter.

  • Boosts performance with cetane enhancers to provide a more complete combustion.

  • Removes moisture from fuel tanks and storage tanks.

  • Reduces exhaust emissions and injector failures.


ADI Fuel System Cleaner improves fuel efficiency in gas engines, cleans the fuel injector system and removes moisture from fuel tanks to prevent corrosion.

  • Removes intake valve deposits

  • Reduces harmful emissions.

  • Reduces moisture from fuel tanks by emulsifying water into microscopic droplets.

  • Prevents fuel from degrading and oxidizing over time.

  • Optimizes injector spray pattern by dissolving fuel varnish build up on the injector tips.



ADI Diesel Induction and Exhaust Cleaner

ADI Diesel Induction and Exhaust Cleaner effectively cleans particulate matter and combustion by-products from the air induction and exhaust system.

  • Cleans the EGR valve, EGR cooler, DPF, and DEF back to OEM specifications and reduces DPF regeneration cycles

  • Reduces harmful emissions.

  • Extends the life of the entire exhaust system.


ADI Pre-Lube Service

ADI Pre-lube cleans oil pan, passages, screens, valve train and valve stems to maximize

lubrication and reduce wear in today’s hotter running engines.

  • Reduce oil consumption

  • Decreasing hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions.

  • Removes crankcase sludge & varnish  from engines and frees sticky piston rings.


ADI Brake and Parts Cleaner

ADI Brake and Parts Cleaner completely removes brake dust, grease, oil and dirt and leaves no residue after evaporation. Contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

  • Effective on constant velocity joint as a degreasing agent.



ADI Fusion+

ADI Fusion+ boosts conventional motor oils to achieve Synthetic-like properties to improve performance, increase viscosity control and minimize sludge & wear in the engine.

  • Improves oxidative performance and overall thermal stability within the crankcase.

  • Enhance engine protection under extreme heat and pressure with anti-oxidant properties.

  • Reduces emissions during operation and extends oil change intervals.


ADI Diff. & Gear Treatment

ADI Diff. & Gear Treatment provides improved wear protection against viscosity breakdown in

high heat and high demand applications.

  • Improves performance levels  of GL5 and MIL-PRF2105E lubricants.

  • Reduces gear  box noise, heat  and friction.

  • Delivers  excellent shear stability and wear protection in differentials  and gear  box.


ADI F100

ADI F100 is a comprehensive friction reducing, metal treating, penetrating lubricant that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Reduces friction and displaces moisture.

  • Protects metal from rusting and can be used on electrical components.

  • Improves removal of rusted parts.



ADI Exhaust Atomizer

The ADI Exhaust Atomizer is a tool that induces an atomized chemical spray into the DPF to remove soot and particulate matter from the filter.


This tool reduces service time as it does not require the removal of the DPF. This helps to extend the life of the DPF, improve the performance of the filter and reduce untimely regenerations thereby increasing uptime.


  • With the tool there is no need to remove the DPF as the ADI Exhaust Atomizer allows you to easily service the DPF through a temperature sensor located in the DPF.

  • The service can be completed in less 1 hour and requires a regen after the Diesel Induction Cleaner has been induced into the DPF.

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