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Motoloc was designed as a thread lock for downhole connections, specifically for downhole drilling motors.

  • Increases break out torque by 25,000+ ftlbs

  • Heat to 400 deg F to break out at make up torque

  • Anti-Gauling properties, non-damaging to threads

  • Hardens to full strength in 24 hours on surface or 4 hours downhole

  • Packaged in a 2 ounce burst pouches

  • 12 month shelf life when stored in a cool dry environment.

  • Quick shipping on orders.   Stock on hand.

Burst Pouch instructions graphics.png

During our testing Motoloc proved to give superior thread locking characteristics over our competitors.    In cold breaks, Motoloc has proven to give a minimum of 20,000 ftlbs over  make up torque on break out.    On hot breaks (400deg F +), it breaks out at 0 to 1000 ftlbs over makeup with no thread damage.

Motoloc is packaged in burst packs surrounded by UV blocking bags to extend the shelf life to 12 months.   Motoloc is shipped in boxes of 100 and Lealand carries inventory on hand to minimize shipping times.

Motoloc Resin SDS
Motoloc Hardener SDS
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